Microburst Settings

These settings will allow you to limit the minutes that your viewers can consume your ving per session.

In order to use microburst settings your ving must first be set to enforced order. From here you can set the minutes (the time you want your viewer to spend during a session) and the days (how often you want them to get a reminder). 


Your viewers will get a reminder for the ving until they have completed at least 90% of the ving. 


If you mark the ving inactive the reminders will no longer send. 


The reminder will be sent close to the time of the original invitation sent until someone has viewed the ving. Once someone has viewed the ving the reminders will be sent close to the time of the last view. 


By default, reminders will only be sent M - F between 10 am - 3 pm EST. If you would like your days, times, or time zone updated please email support@vingapp.com.