What is included in the ADP Integration?

The Ving App Connector for ADP Workforce Now® is for users with an active license of the Ving platform.

The Ving Contact Sync connector will import any employees with at least one unique email or phone into the Ving application as a contact to make it easier to sharing training and compliance material with them through the Ving platform. Ving will also use the available demographic information as labels to help you organize your contacts.


This is information such as - Worker Type Code - Assignment Term Code - Work Level Code - Job Title - Location Note that Ving tracks analytics information based on the email or phone that you use to share the materials. If there are inaccuracies in the employee's contact information within ADP, it will impact that employee's analytics inside Ving until those inaccuracies are resolved.


ADP Workforce Now® (current version)


Integration Type / Read data from ADP

Single Sign-On

Application Type - Data Connector

Data Sync Frequency - Once every 24 hours, initiated by any Full Access user sign-on.


Data Fields

The following fields will be imported into a contact record in Ving:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Business Emails
  4. Business Phones
  5. Personal Emails
  6. Personal Phones
  7. Job Title
  8. Separation Date
  9. Hire Date


The following fields will be imported as labels to the contact book in Ving:

  1. Business Unit
  2. JobTitle
  3. Payroll Group Code (coming soon)