Understanding Your Ving Homepage

This short video walks you through everything you need to know about your Ving homepage. 



The homepage is an overview of your entire organization's training and compliance activity.

Starting in the upper left corner, the first graph is your Contact Engagement. This graph shows you how engaged your employees are with the content you are sharing.   

Congratulate (green)is anyone with an assignment (scoring) over 80% and completing all their assignments in a timely manner.
Encourage (yellow)  is anyone with an assignment(scoring) below 80% or a requirement that expires within 30 days. 
Address (red)  is anyone with an incomplete assignment past the due date or any expired requirement.
Inactive (orange)  is anyone with assignments over 7 days old that have zero activity.
Re-engage (grey)  is anyone with zero activity or requirements in the last 90 days. 
Get Started (blue) is anyone who has no assignments or requirements.

Click on an individual category to see a list of the people who are in each category

Second is the Assignment Progress graph. This graph shows you how your assignments are doing. 

Completed (green) is any assignment that has been fully completed.
Viewed (yellow) is any assignment that is in progress.
Not Viewed (White)  is any assignment that has not been started.

Third is the Checklist Submissions. This graph shows the status of all active checklist submissions.

When an employee's response to an item in a checklist is not the desired reply, it will be flagged. All flagged responses can be resolved on the individual checklist.

Flagged is any submission that has a flagged question or answers. 
Not Flagged is any submission that did not have a flagged question or answer. 
Resolved is any flagged submission that has been marked resolved. 

Below the graphs are the final three remaining sections.  The recent activity boxes show you contacts, vings, and checklists that have had recent activity. 

From this page, you can click any of the contact sentiment names, contact cards, ving cards, checklist cards, or anywhere that says “View All.” You also can use the black navigation at the top to get to the different areas of the tool. 

The house is the homepage, the people icon is your contacts, the folder is your vings, and the checkmark with lines is your checklists.

These clickable items help you to quickly dive into precisely what you need to. 

From the home page, you can also access your profile in the upper right corner and customer support whenever you need help. 

Congratulations! You now know everything there is to know about the Ving homepage.