Understanding My Inbox

Your inbox is the location of all vings sent to you (the contact methods listed in your profile)! 

If you think a ving is missing check your profile area here and add all possible phone numbers and email addresses - https://app.vingapp.com/profile


You will see a start next to each ving. 

Full Star - Completed 

Half Star - In Progress

Empty Star - Not Started


If you see a gold star then navigate back and a ving is at a half star this is due to microburst settings set by the sender of the ving. Microburst settings are put in place so you only are required to do a short amount of training during one session. After viewing a ving it is marked done to encourage viewers to stick to these microburst settings. After several hours a ving will be "reset" in your inbox.


If microburst settings are on you will automatically get reminders about when you need to do more training so no need to stress :)