Ving Requirements And Recommendations

You don’t need to be a tech expert to use Ving, and you definitely don’t need any fancy equipment, either. Here are some of our basic requirements and recommendations for using Ving.


Our recommended browsing option is Chrome however you can use ving on Firefox, Safari, MSE or Internet Explorer. Just make sure your browser is up-to-date with the most recent version. If you are using an older version please update your browser for the best experience with Ving.


Audio/Video Component Formats

Ving utilizes Amazon's Elastic Transcoder — Wooh tech word. This is just a service we use to convert all of your media files into web-friendly versions. Amazon's Elastic Transcoder supports all popular web, consumer and professional media formats (examples: mp3, mp4, and new input formats are added on an ongoing basis). If you find a format that does not work, please email us at


In order to provide the highest quality video at the smallest possible size for the most Ving users, Ving utilizes the mp4 video format. Ving relies on your browser to play these mp4 media files. Unfortunately, versions of Windows older than Vista do not support the playing of mp4 files natively. In these versions of Windows, Chrome is the only browser that will reliably play these videos.

Image Component Formats

Both .jpg and .png files can be uploaded as image components. When uploading a .GIF as an image, we will capture only the first frame of the gif animation and display that image.


Internet Speeds/Connection

Having a steady connection to the internet is important when viewing videos, audio, and other media files online. To test your internet connection we recommend -

If your internet is showing <100ms latency and <50ms jitter you are more than likely on a reliable internet connection. If you are not, we recommend trying to find a different connection.