Understanding White-labeling

Sending invitations from your email is one more step that you can take to making your invitation more recognizable to your contacts; like adding a logo and avatar on your profile page.

White-labeling is simple to set up and will make your invitations come from your own email domain instead of @vingapp.com.


All that being said I am going to try to simplify what is actually happening in the background so you can fully understand (and/or share this article with your IT person so they can help you out.).


To get started simply email your Ving Success Team Member to see if you qualify and to get instructions on which settings need to be adjusted/added to your domain server.


There is a thing called a Domain Name Server (DNS), the settings on which determine how everything associated with your domain acts (routing, email, etc). We will be specifying settings that will allow email sent by us to be properly validated using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.


If you want to nerd dive you can find out more about them here.


Otherwise let’s keep going.


So if the proper settings are all in place, we send the invitation as you. If we find a problem we send the ving from ving@vingapp.com.


All that means is that we will never hold up an invitation from going out. If your settings are all in place it will go out as you and if the DNS settings can not be verified we will send it from us.


Another thing to keep in mind with white-labeling is something called Spoofing. This would occur if your Email Administrator has an extra level of security set up for emails going to your internal server.


If you would like to get started please email your Ving Success team member. If you have any questions or concerns please contactsupport@vingapp.com.