Understanding View Access Settings

Wondering what all those view access choices mean? We’re here to help — they are basically privacy settings for your vings. You get to control who sees your content!

With 3 different options for viewer settings, ving puts you in total control so your vings don’t go rogue. Choose from Anyone, Verified, or Invited.

  • Anyone - your ving is public and can be viewed by anyone.
  • Verified - anyone can view your ving as long as they are logged into ving. This allows you to track progress while keeping your ving accessible to anyone.
  • Invited - can only be viewed by people whom you have directly invited via an invitation to view your ving. They will also be required to log in.

You can also control these settings from the dashboard of a ving, as well.

1. Click the ving you want to update the view settings. 

2. Then select your setting on the right. 

3. Finally, click save.