How To: Share With A Link

If you are looking for ways to share a ving without an email address or phone number you have come to the right place. Each ving comes with a unique short URL link that allows you to share your ving anywhere you can post a link.

1. Select the ving you want to share from the ving dashboard.

2. Click share and then select Get Link from the drop-down menu.

3. To copy the link simply press CTRL + C (Command + C on Mac) or select the link icon to copy the URL.

4. Paste the link to your ving anywhere you'd like! 


If your ving is marked verified people will be prompted to sign up/in before viewing your ving. 

If it is marked anyone they will be marked with a viewer ID unless they were previously logged in from a different ving.

If you are using invited you must first invite someone to view the ving in order for them to have permission to view a ving from a link.