How To: Share With A Link

If you are looking for ways to share a ving without an email address or phone number you have come to the right place. Each ving comes with a unique short URL link that allows you to share your ving anywhere you can post a link.

1. Select the ving you want to share from the ving dashboard.

2. Click share and then select Get Link from the drop-down menu.

3. To copy the link simply press CTRL + C (Command + C on Mac) or select the link icon to copy the URL.

4. Paste the link to your ving anywhere you'd like! 


* If your ving is marked verified people will be prompted to sign up/in before viewing your ving. 

* If it is marked anyone they will be marked with a viewer ID.

* If you have a ving marked invited you have to invite them view their phone or email for them to view this ving.