How To: Revise A Ving

We all make mistakes — this is one reason you may need to revise a Ving.

When you revise a Ving, every version is linked together. This allows you to analyze each version of the Ving you have created. Once you revise a Ving, any previous versions are deactivated and archived. All old invitations and links will be redirected to the newest version of your Ving, so that your contacts will never know you made a change at all!

1. From your homepage, choose the Ving you would like to revise.

2. Along the top right side of the dashboard, click recreate and select revise from the dropdown. 

3. This will take you to the creation screen for your selected Ving. Once you have made your revisions to the Ving, click create.

The newest version of your Ving is ready to go. No need to update links or re-invite contacts to view your message. It is just that simple.