How To: Add A Link Component

The link component allows you to hyperlink to any webpage within your Ving.

A few examples of hyperlinks you might want to include are: to a website, a Youtube video, or even a Google Doc! Follow these steps on how to add a link component.

1. Click on the add link icon, located beneath create.

2. Type or paste a URL into the field, and click add.

  • Ving even pulls a thumbnail image from the URL for you, but you have the option of customizing this.

To customize the thumbnail for your link component:

1. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of your link component.

2. Click the 'change preview image' button, and select an image from your local files.

  • You can also change the title and description of your component at this time, too.

3. When you have finished editing your link component thumbnail (or title, description), click save changes.