How To: Use Your Contact Book

Once you've logged in to your Ving account, follow these steps on how to: Use Your Contact Book.

Finding Your Contacts

1. On your homepage, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner. From the drop-down menu, click contacts to go to your contact book.

2. You'll see that all of your contacts are listed on the left, with details on the right.

  • If your account is linked with Google, contacts from gmail could take up to a day to fully sync upon first logging in.

Create a Contact

1. Add a contact by clicking +Contact. Once you have entered the information asked, click add.

Create a Group

1. To create a group, click +Group. Enter your group name and select people who you would like to add to the group — when you are finished, click add.

  • You can edit groups at any time by selecting a group, and clicking the pencil icon next to the group name.