Understanding Your Question Set Results

You just got back all your question set results, what do they mean? Do not panic we are going to break it down for you.

Question Set Component Overview

The main graph will show you how many people answered each question. Like the graph on the main screen, you can hover over each bar. 

In the viewer panel, you can see the following. 

  • Name - A contacts first & last name and email if available. 
  • Invited - The date that a contact was invited to view this Ving.
  • Views - The number of times someone has viewed this component.
  • First Viewed - The date and time that they first viewed.
  • Progress - How many questions they have answered.
  • Score - The percentage of correct answers they received. The score is only based off of the questions that the creator marked a correct answer.
    • Green - Above 80%
    • Orange - 79% - 60%
    • Red - 59% and below

  • Tag - The first tag associated with the viewer. Tags are added to the end of the short URL by the creator.

Individual Details Area

When you click on an individual viewer you can see a deeper dive into how they did. 

  • Green - Correct answer.
  • Red - Incorrect answer.
  • Blue - This question had no marked correct answer and therefore could not be marked correct or incorrect by the tool.
  • Gray - If there is no answer yet recorded.

Answer Detail Area

When on the main page of your question set component if you click View Answer Details this box will pop up. Here you can see how respondents did, those who actually responded to your survey.

  • Red - The answers the creator marked incorrect.
  • Green - The answers the creator marked correct.
  • Blue - The questions where no answer was marked correct or incorrect.

You can see that in the example above, Question 7, more people got Q7 wrong than right. This would be a great question to reach out and review with your respondents. 

If there are no questions marked correct or incorrect the score column will not appear and in the individual and answer detail areas will show as gray.