How To: Set Up A Viewer Only Account

Woo! It is time to set up your viewer only account. To set up your viewer only account follow these steps.

1. Type into your browser.

2. Watch the video on the left. It is only 1 minute. And then click the link on the right

3. You will see this screen next. Click Sign Up.

4. Next fill out the sign up form.

Choose one of the two options for signing up:

1. If you are a Google user, click the blue Sign Up Using Google button at the top of the screen.

2. If you are not a Google user, you can signup by filling out the form and clicking the green Sign Up button at the bottom of the form.

You will be sent an activation email* to confirm your account — make sure that you activate your account!

*If you are not seeing an activation email in your inbox try searching for and check your spam/junk folder. Sometimes email providers guess incorrectly which emails we want and don’t want.

Final Step: Once you have activated your account you can test that you have successfully set up your account by clicking the link again in Step 1 and then clicking the right box again.