How To: Link Your Google Account

If you are a Google user you will want to link your account, learn why.

Linking your Google account gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Sync your Google Contacts**
  2. Access your Google Drive
  3. Create from a Template
  4. Save a Template

Follow the steps below to link your accounts.

1. Click your profile name in the upper right corner, and select profile from the dropdown. 

2. Click Link Google Account, then sign in/ select your gmail email. 

3. Click Save Changes.

Your accounts are now successfully linked!

*The first time your Google contacts sync, it could take up to a day to fully import.

**We only sync your "My Contacts" and any manually added groups. The Google group titled "Other Groups" does not sync to your Ving account. These are auto-created contacts in gmail, and aren't synced to keep your contact book clean.