How To: Set Up ADP Connector

You will need to be the ADP admin for your company to set up the connector.

1. Log into ADP.

2. Find Ving in the ADP Marketplace.

3. Click Buy Now.

4. Click Continue.

5. From here you will need to enter your Ving Account ID. This can be found in your profile area in Ving.

6. Finish the rest of the purchasing steps in ADP.

7. Next, go to the My Apps area. 

8. Find the Ving connector and click on it.

9. The App will prompt you for permission. Granting these permissions will allow us to pull the information from ADP to Ving. 

** Reminder we do not push anything to ADP. You will want to keep everything in your ADP account up to date so when we pull new information every 24 hours your account is being updated correctly. **