How To: Introduce Ving To Your Viewers

Before you send out your first ving we have a few recommendations and thoughts. 


Most users will be able to navigate and use ving without any issues or introduction while others might require a short introduction. 


Here is some sample text that you might send out to your viewers. 

"Hi Team, We are getting ready to send you training and other communications through a new tool called Ving. Please do not disregard the messages coming from this new platform."


From here you can customize your intro email or communication to include the personalized settings. For example: if you are using microburst settings let them know, "We will be requiring that you do at least 5 minutes of training a  day. The system will navigate you away and invite you back with reminders until you finish."

Here are some PDFs that will walk your employees through a few different parts of the tool. 

How To Sign Up For An Account

How To Consume A Ving