How To: Improve Employee Engagement In Ving

Are you seeing more yellow or red faces than you would like? Wishing you had a few more views? The ideas listed below are a great place to start!

1. Turn Microburst Reminders On

It is so easy to see an email or text and forget to go back to it. With reminders on, you will catch anyone who had every intention to view the ving but simply just got busy. 

  • Reminders can be turned off at any time. 
  • Reminders are set per ving so you can customize which vings you want reminders to go out for and how often. 
  • Reminders will stop sending if a viewer has completed viewing, reminders have been turned off, or a ving is marked inactive.

2. Put The Details Up Front

If you are sending daily or weekly company updates, you might find yourself using the same title over and over again. In some situations, this can be perfectly okay. You want to make sure that you are putting the details upfront, so they don’t miss that this is new information. 

Example: May 5th Weekly Company Update VS Weekly Company Update - May 5th

For topics that are not repetitive try making the title and summer more engaging. 

Example: Avoid Eye Injury At Work VS Eye Injury Training

3. Shorten Your Content

It can be tempting to talk for 10 - 15 minutes or to have a text-heavy 5 page PDF, but the reality is that your employees are probably not making their way through all of that material. Shoot for videos under 3 minutes, and PDFs with easy to read text and visuals are a must.

Occasionally going over 3 minutes is okay. Keep in mind what length warrants the topic you are covering. If it is a training video on a topic and it takes 5 minutes to explain the process, then a 5-minute video is okay.

4. Include A Message With Your Invitation

With every invitation you send, you can include a custom message. Use this space to encourage your employees with a short message.

Example: This ving includes training that is required to be completed by the end of the day Friday.

 5. Reward Employees For Being Safe

Give your employees an incentive to complete the training correctly. 

Award the incentive to all employees who complete the training correctly or pick from a hat. You don’t always want to award the first person for completing it because then the other employees might not even finish the training if they feel like they will never be first. 

6. Personalize Your Content

It is essential to include short videos or pictures from management as well as employees at your company. These personalized components will get more of your employees invested in the material.

Keep videos to 2 - 3 key points and put these types of engaging components first in your ving. 

7. Include Visual Components

Not everyone is a visual learner, but more people engage with visual content like images and videos. If your ving is text and question heavy, you are likely to have people skip over all the content you have worked hard on. 

Try to create a flow that is video/image > PDF > questions > video/image > PDF > questions.

8. Don’t Overwhelm Your Viewers

It can be tempting to send people an invitation to their email and their phone at the same time. Too many invitations can be overwhelming and confusing to your viewer, though, and might cause them to ignore your message altogether. 

9. Establish A Schedule

Consistency is essential for your viewers. If you expect them to complete two pieces of training a month (on a typical month), then let them know that so they know what to expect. Everyone knows there might be a month where there is a third training or maybe just one training, but either way, they must know what to expect.

10. Water Cooler Talk

It’s only natural for word of mouth at work to cause someone to skip over the actual step of consuming the ving for themselves and thinking, “oh, I got the message via a co-worker.” When in reality, the idea was for them to hear the message directly from you — message consistency is essential. Try to implement a quick, one-question survey at the end of your ving. 

Example: Message received, no questions at this time. True/False. Make sure people know you need to hear from them to ensure proper communication and Ving is the way to close the loop.