How To: Import Contacts

Do your contacts already live somewhere else? PERFECT! You can import them into Ving to make sharing quick and easy.

Importing contacts have gotten even easier! There are just a few simple rules and the rest is up to you. So here they are!

1. You have to have a header row.

It does not matter what order but you need to label the columns. You can even have multiple columns of the same thing. For example you could have: First Name - Last Name - Email - Email - Email - Phone.

Here are the header examples that we import.

Name, Email, Phone, Label, and ID.

* We are looking for the above words. So for example if you have a column first name (Tony) and a column last name (Stark) and a company name column (Stark Industries) in Ving it would appear as - Tony Stark Stark Industries.

* If you have a column that you do not want to be imported you can either delete them or name them something that does not include one of the above words. All columns that do not include one of the above words will be ignored.

2. You can import multiple file types.

Your file needs to be saved as a .csv, .xlsx, or .tsv.

3. We automatically deduplicate your contact book based on email address or phone number.

Now that you know the rules you are ready for the steps.

1. Click the CONTACT icon in the upper left corner. This is the icon between the house and the folder.

2. Click the UP ARROW next to the + Contact button.

3. Then you can DRAG AND DROP your file or click BROWSE to locate your file on your computer.

4. Once you have selected your file click the IMPORT button.

5. If you have successfully imported your file you will see a green bar that says "Contacts successfully uploaded." If you have not successfully imported your file there will be a red error bar that will tell you what you did wrong. After you fix your errors you can re-import your file and then you will see the green bar. From here you can click DONE or IMPORT ANOTHER.

* If we are able to import some contacts but there are some errors we will email you a list of the contacts that were not able to be imported.