How To: Create A Checklist

Step 1: Click the checklist icon in the black navigation.

Step 2: Click the blue create button in the green taskbar.

Step 3: Give your checklist a title, summary, and view access settings. Then click the green save button. 

You should mark verified to track who is completing a checklist. If it is okay that some views come in as anonymous, then you can select anyone.


Step 4: Click on the type of question you would like to add. You can add true/false, yes/no, likert scale, multiple choice, multiple response, and short answer questions.

While adding questions, anywhere you see an image icon means you can add an image to the question/answer. 


Step 5: Make sure to mark any questions or responses as required or flagged before clicking publish. Required will ensure that they have to answer the question before clicking submit — this is selected by default. Flagged will alert you with an email notification if the flagged question/answer was submitted.