How To: Consume A Ving

We hope that consuming a ving is so easy your viewers never need help. However, we understand that with any new program their might be some questions.

Viewing From Your Phone/Email/Ving Inbox

  1. Click on the ving in your inbox or the link in your email/phone. The ving will load in your default browser.
  2. Consume the component on screen.
  3. Click the next button. If enforced order is required you will see progress calculating until you have reached 90%.
  4. Once you have consumed the last piece of content click done. If you are logged in you will go to your inbox. If you are not logged in you will go to the done screen.


Bonus Facts About Consuming A Ving

  • You have to consume at least 90% of a component to get a checkmark/be able to move on if the creator has enforced order on.
  • You can access the index in the upper left by selecting the index icon. This will allow you to be able to review any content.
  • If enforced order is on then you will have to consume components in the order they are listed before you are able to move on.
  • If microburst settings are set you are only able to consume a ving for the number of minutes that have been set. You will be reminded automatically to come back at the number of days that have been set. You will not get a reminder if you have viewed the ving within the number of days set.
  • If the microburst settings are on and you run out of time you will not be stopped if you are in the middle of an audio/video or the next component is a quiz. You will be forced to take a break once you have completed those components.