How Does Ving Work With My In-Person Training

COVID forced so many of us to go to online training and it changed the way that you might think about safety. So where does your online training fit? 


1. Monthly Training

This is a great place for Ving. Your employees need monthly training to stay safe. Send the main monthly training through Ving so you can focus more on the day-to-day reminders and encouragement to your employees. You're wearing a lot of hats so you don't have time to call everyone into a room for hours every month. 


2. Automatic Reminders

When wearing so many hats you don't have time to chase down people to make sure that they have done their training. Ving comes in with microburst reminders to remind your workers until they finish their training. 


3. Log In-Person Training In One Platform

Sign-in sheets can be delivered in Ving so you can track all training in one place.