How does Ving automatically clean up your contact book?

We understand you are busy. This article explains how we help you clean up your contact book.

Deduplicate Contact Records

If two contact cards have the same information of any of the below fields we will merge them together. We check for the following fields in the following order.

  • Internal ID
  • Email
  • Phone


Updating Contacts

Your contacts can be updated automatically on an import or through your ADP integration. 

ADP - We sync up your contact records every evening. Simply update the contact in ADP and we will update that contact automatically for you in Ving. 

Import - On your import make sure to include the Internal ID, Email, and/or Phone, for us to match up a record and update any information about that contact with your import.


Manually Adding Contacts

If you add an email/phone to a contact that was on another contact, it gets automatically moved.
If you try to add the same internal id twice, you will see this message "A contact with internal_id "XXX" already exists"