How To: Import Contacts


You can easily add already-existing contacts to your Ving contact book by importing them from a CSV file. Follow these instructions on how to import contacts into Ving.


Step 1: From your Ving contact book, click the blue Import button.

Step 2: Click choose file to pick a CSV file from your device. Once you've selected a file click import.

Step 3: After loading your file, a modal will pop up with details:

  • How many contacts were imported.
  • Any errors found, plus a CSV file with the errors will be populated for you.
  • Large files with more than 750 contacts will take more time to process. An email will be sent to you when processing is complete.

Click done to close the window and finish importing your contacts.


Create a File to Import

A spreadsheet is required to create a CSV (comma separated values) file and this can be done in programs like Excel or Google Sheets. Plus, we make it easy for you — you don't even need to create one from scratch, just download the example CSV in the import modal as a base for formatting.

Step 1: In column A enter First Names.

Step 2: In column B enter Last Names.

Step 3: In column C enter Email Addresses.

Step 4: In column D, enter group name. (Optional)

Step 5: Save or download your file as a CSV, and it’s ready to be imported into Ving.


Learn more on how to use your contact book here.


Time to get your Ving on!

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