How To: Include a Personalized Message with Your Invitation

When inviting contacts to view your Ving you can personalize the message included. Including a personal message with your Ving invitation will increase engagement and can provide context for your viewers. Follow these steps below to learn How To Include a Personalized Message with Your Invitation.


Step 1: From your Ving homepage, select the Ving you wish to send an invitation for.



Step 2: At the top of the details page, click the drop-down menu that says share and select invite.



Step 3: This will open the invitation window where you can add contacts to be invited and type a personal message.


Step 4: Add the contacts you wish to invite and include a personal message. When you're ready to send the invitation click "send invite" and the invitations with a personal message will be sent.





Time to get your Ving on!

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