What Can I Put in a Ving?

The answer is...just about anything can go in your Ving!!!

When creating a Ving, you have the ability to incorporate files, video, audio, text, question sets, and hyperlinks into your trackable digital packet. Ving doesn't limit you to a size restriction, so include as many components as you want!

All common file types are supported including (but not limited to):

  • images
  • videos
  • documents
  • mp4s, mp3s
  • hyperlinks
  • PDFs
  • Power Points
  • Excel Files

The question set component is great for gathering feedback from your contacts, and includes a wide variety of question types.

Use the link component to add hyperlinks to your digital packet when you want to direct people to your website or to a video hosted on Youtube, for example.

Need help getting started? Check out How To: Create a Ving  



*For more information on supported formats, see Ving Requirements and Recommendations.


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