How To: Save a Template

Do you have a Ving you want to share with other employees or team members so they can use them too? Templates are the way to go. Below is how to Save a Template.


Step 1: From your homepage, choose a Ving you would like to save as a template. 


Step 2: Along the top right side of the dashboard, click recreate and select save template from the dropdown.


Step 3: Choose where you want your template saved in Drive by clicking change. Once a Google Drive folder is selected once, it will appear in the drop down menu for easier access next time. 

Step 4: Give your template a file name and click save to confirm you are ready to save your template.


Now that your Ving is saved as a template, you are ready to share it with other Ving users. Learn how to share a template here.


Time to get your Ving on!

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