How To: View Ving Analytics

Now that you've shared a Ving, it's time to view your analytics! Follow these steps on how to: View Ving Analytics.

Step 1: Select a Ving from your homepage to view analytics.

  • Beneath your Ving's title, you can see the number of people you've invited to view the Ving, the number of views on your Ving, and how many people have completed the Ving.
  • The blue star appears next to Vings with new activity.
  • You can sort your homepage by activity if you want to see a Ving with the most recent interaction. The date of most recent activity on a Ving is found to the right of the title.


Step 2: Click on the title of a Ving to go to the Engagement Dashboard

  • On this page, you will see a graph that tells you who has viewed your Ving, who hasn’t viewed your Ving, and if any of your Ving recipients bounced.
  • You can also select a specific contact by clicking on their name to view individual actions and see when they completed certain components.


Step 3:  On the left side of the screen, under Overview, select the components to view analytics on specific component engagement.

  • This is where you'll find analytics on each of your components, and question set responses if included within your Ving.


Now that you know what components were most engaging to your contacts, you can create even more engaging Vings in the future!


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Time to get your Ving on!

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