How To: Understand Your Analytics

Now that you've shared a Ving, it's time to view your analytics! Here is a break down of what each part of your analytics means. 


Home Page Analyticsgraph_area_3_.png

  • Invited - The number of people you have invited to view that version of your Ving (If you have revised the Ving the invited number will be just the number of people you invited to the active version. All old invitations will direct people to the active Ving.)
  • Opened - The number of people who opened an email invitation.
  • Viewed - The number of people who viewed your Ving.
  • Completed - The number of people who have viewed your entire Ving!
  • Created Date - The date you finalized your Ving by clicking the green create button.
  • Activity Date - The date of the last activity on that Ving. Activity can be someone viewing a Ving or you adjusting a setting. 



Ving Dashboard Analytics graph_area.png

  • Graph Analytics -
    • Green - This area is divided into shades of green to show you how people are viewing your Ving from (invitation or link) and their progress (started or completed).
    • Yellow - Shows the people who have opened your email invitation but not started viewing your Ving.
    • Orange - Shows who has not opened your email invitation at all — shame on them!
    • Red - The number of contacts who have bounce for one reason or another.




  • Component Percentages - Along the left you will see the percentage of people who viewed a component. This is out of the number of people who viewed your Ving.



  • Viewer Analytics
    • Name  - The name and email of your contact, as you have them in your contact book. 
    • Invited - The date and time you invited your contact to view your Ving. 
    • Opens - The number of times someone opened your email invitations. 
    • Visits - The number of times someone visited your Ving.
    • Last View - The last time someone viewed your Ving. 
    • Progress - The percentage that someone has worked through your Ving. A green check mark means that they have completed your Ving.
    • Tag - The tag that was added to the URL that your viewer first came from. 


Need help exporting your analytics? Check out the article on How To: Export Analytics


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