How To: Create a Ving

Once you've logged in to your Ving account, follow these steps on how to: Create a Ving.

Step 1:  At the top of your screen, click +New Ving.


Step 2: Give your Ving a title and add components you wish to include in your Ving.

  • Include files, images, video, audio, text, and question sets. — Even record your audio directly in Ving!



Step 3:  After all of your components are in, customize your layout and color scheme, located on the left side below the components.

  • Move your components around to the order of how you would like your contacts to view them! Simply click on the component and drag it to its new location.
  • Change your color scheme to increase engagement. 


Step 4:  Select your viewing options.

  • If you wish to receive alerts on your Ving when there is new interaction, select notify Me.

This will send a notification to your email when your Ving has new views.


Step 5:  When your Ving is ready to go, click Create.

Now that you've created a Ving, it's time to share it! Learn more about sharing here.


Time to get your Ving on! 

Need more help? Check out Basic Ving Troubleshooting

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