Why Are My Recipients Not Getting My Ving?

Are you thinking that you are not getting a lot of views on your Vings? Are you seeing the little red bar on your analytics? Sometimes an email will bounce — there are several reasons that this could happen. If your recipients say they are not receiving your Vings, try the following steps:

Step 1: From your homepage, select the Ving in question. On your dashboard, you can see a list of people who you invited to view your Ving.

Step 2: Check the spelling of each email to make sure they aren't any typos.

    • For example, may be a valid email — but if you are really trying to send to Karen may never get your Ving because of that little typo!

Step 3: After checking for bounces and typos, if your contact still doesn't see your Ving, have them check their SPAM folder. They or their email provider may have accidentally marked Ving as spam. First things first, we can reassure you that we use SendGrid (a popular, trusted service used by Spotify, Uber, AirBnB, and more) to send our Ving invitations. Unfortunately, we have no control around why and when an email provider marks a Ving SPAM. Here are some best practices to address potential issues:

    • You can ask contacts to add and your email address to their address books, just to make sure your emails and Vings don't get lost in the future.
    • If the recipient is using Gmail as their email provider, ask them to check their other tabs like the Promotions Tab.

Step 4: Ask your contacts to add Ving to their Safe Sender List.

    • Most email service providers have a "Safe Sender" list which you can use to ensure that Vings  do not get stuck Spam folders. Here's how it's done in the most popular email clients: 

Outlook 2007

1. Click Actions in the top toolbar and choose Junk Email then Junk Email Options.

2. Click the Safe Senders tab, and choose Add.

3. Enter in the space provided, and click Ok. The domain will show in the white box.

4. Click Ok.

              *Note: in Outlook 2010, the Junk Email option is under the Home tab.


1. Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner and chose Settings.

2. Click the Filters tab and select Create a New Filter.

3. Enter in the space provided next to From.

4. Click Next Step.

5. Check the box that says Never Send It To Spam, and click Create Filter.


Pro Tip: Send a reminder Ving!

You may have sent a Ving a few days ago and still have not heard back from everyone. If, after you follow the steps above, your recipients still haven't viewed your Ving, re-share it as a reminder! Let them know that you sent them an important message and are looking forward to their feedback. Although there is currently no reminder button, we suggest you simply send them another invitation and include a personal message reminding them to interact with your Ving.

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