What You Should Understand About Email Spoofing

The thought of spoofing can be confusing and scary. No one enjoys having their email hijacked. We are going to explain what spoofing is and how it relates to your Ving account.


What is spoofing?

When someone sends an email from your email address without your permission, with malicious intent — that is spoofing. However, like in our case, it does not always have to be a bad thing.


How does it relate to Ving?

When we send a Ving on your behalf it actually comes from our email domain, and not your domain.


If you sign up for our email whitelabeling beta, we will "spoof" you — but in a good way. In short, your domain records will tell our email server that it is okay for us to pretend to be you — it can improve your deliverability. 


To learn more about our email whitelabeling beta click here.


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