How To: Use Short URL Tags

Are you looking to get even more analytics when sharing a short URL? You can!



Step 1: First, click on the Ving you want to share. 

Step 2: Then, click the blue share button > get link > copy the short URL. 

Step 3: From here you want to paste the short URL wherever you are sharing your Ving. For example, a work order, text message, Google Classroom, social media. 

Step 4: Before you post or send off your URL you will want to add a / and then any word you would like. For example, is the original short URL and then here is what it looks like with a tag 

Your tag will appear in your viewer list.  

Good luck tagging!


* Tags cannot be longer than 25 characters. Anything longer than 25 characters will be shortened.

* Spaces in tags turn into hypens.

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