What does a Ving look like to recipients?

You might be wondering what your Ving looks like to your recipients. Wonder no more — just preview your Ving! You can even interact with the components in Preview Mode to test how they will look to anyone looking at your Ving.


To Preview Your Ving from the Dashboard

  • Click on the image of your Ving to open up a preview window. The preview will show you how your Ving will appear to recipients and viewers.



To Preview Your Ving During Creation

  • While creating a Ving, you can preview it at any time using the eye icon located in your tool bar.




Now that you know what your Ving will look like, here's what your viewers can expect when they open your file component:

  • If you upload Google Drive files from the Google picker, they will download to the recipient's device based on their default settings for corresponding programs:
    • Google Doc - Word or Pages; .docx
    • Google Sheet - Excel, Numbers, or Preview if no program is found; .xlsx
    • Google Slide - PDF



*For more information on supported formats, see Ving Requirements and Recommendations.


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