How To: Optimize Your Ving For Onboarding

Companies with an established onboarding program retain 50% more employees (Harvard Business Review).

Ving is your go-to safety training platform so why not have your onboarding in Ving, too. We find that there are certain topics your employees must go through before they can start working in the field. You can link them! 


We will be using the short URL and the link component to set up your onboarding. 


1. Find your first ving and revise it. 

2. In a new tab, find the second ving you want someone to complete and copy the short URL link. 

3. Go back to the tab with the first ving and click the link component. Paste the short URL from the second ving and click publish. 


These two vings are now linked! You can continue linking Vings until all of your onboarding topics are connected. 


If you want to gather analytics for all of the vings you have to use verified as the view access setting. 

We encourage you to set your microburst settings to 60 minutes and 1 day. This will make sure that your employees are reminded to get up and stretch their legs and take a break every hour. Once they are done stretching they can click on the invitation and navigate to where they left off.